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Merbok Daytrip

8 Rating

The riverbanks along Sungai Merbok (river) and its tributaries boast the largest protected mangrove forest in Malaysia...

1 Day

Merbok, MY Discover

Penang By Night

9 Rating

This tour is packed with night adventures in Georgetown....

1/2 Day

Penang, MY Discover

Penang offers the ‘best night out food outlets’ all around the Island...

1 Day

Penang, MY Discover

Sunset cruises, resort living, gorgeous sights to see...

2 days 1 night

Kedah, MY Discover

Gunung Jerai

8 Rating

The history of Gunung Jerai dates back to 4th Century AD and states that one of the first civilizations began here...

1 Day

Gunung Jerai, MY Discover

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Tourism and transportation in Malaysia are facing dynamic challenges as the country develops rapidly into a modern nation with complex requirements. There is no doubt that Malaysia needs a Eco tourism product and an environmentally concerned transportation system.

Eco’s vision is that this be done in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Hence the need to create a tourism and transportation system model that is fully integrated and fulfills the increasingly complex and demanding needs.


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