About Us


The tourism industry is booming, the pressure on the last "natural oases" is increasing. At the same time, tourism is more dependent on an intact environment than any other business sector. Tourists, thus are at the same time responsible for and suffering from the damages caused...

Vergis Mathews,
Managing Director

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to implement all ecotourism elements as environmentally friendly as possible leaving the minimum possible footprint. Eco Tour's program model is fully integrated with convservation of native culture and their natural environment and it's resources.

Our Goals & Accomplishments

Eco Tours was the first to embark on mono-gas operated NGV Taxis, Buses, Tour Coaches and Executive Limousines in Malaysia, surpassing the European Standards for safe emissions.

Eco Coach & Tours (M) Sdn Bhd (KKKP/PLN/3782) has an Inbound and Outbound permit from the Ministry of Tourism in Malaysia. Established in 1999, it's core business is promoting ecologically responsible tour products and transportation. Its tour operations include tour packages, hire and drive services, ticketing and reservation.


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